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Shamanism. [Jun. 25th, 2006|09:32 am]
Vancouver Healers and Reiki Practitioners


Shamanism is a confusing term for most people in north america. Most people haven't a clue what a Shaman is or what he/she does.
shamanism is the oldest healing tradition in the world. it can be found in the origins of every culture. Shamanism is a system of knowledge; knowledge of self and the world we live in. shamans believe that there is spirit in everything; the rocks, the plants, humans, animals, wind, earth, fire, water,etc. there is also a belief in the three spirit worlds; the upper, middle and lower world. It is a shamans job to communicate with spirits for knowledge and healing for individuals and the community. Shamans journey to the other worlds to speak with spirit guides.
the upperworld is a non-ordinary reality world- a spirit world- where good light spirit guides and teachers reside. this may be a place where you would find angels, people who have reached enlightenment on earth and now reside in spirit world (eg.jesus, buddha..), there may be spirits there that have never lived in physical form, you may see ansestors/relatives that have crossed over and have some guidance for you.
the middle world exists as ordinary reality as we know it and as a parallel spirit plain. in this middle spirit world you may encounter good spirits and bad spirits. it is generally not a good idea to journey to this realm without a guide. shamans journey to the middle world to find lost people or items. they journey to this world to help people who are having trouble crossing over.
the lower world is a wonderful place. This is where are animal guides/totem animals reside. They can be a source of great wisdom in our own lives.

it is easy to learn how to journey, and it doesn't require you to take any plants or drugs. in north america we use a drum to journey. we use steady beats of 4-7/sec. this has been scientifically proven to activate certain sensory area's of the brain that are not normally active. it produces brain patterns similar to that of dreaming.. but different. it is a unique process. it is different from dreaming. you are in control, and you are journeying with purpose. There are some groups in vancouver that teach journeying and hold drumming circles for journeying:
Angela Prider http://dragonflyvillage.com/WestcoastShamanicServices has a great intro workshop called 'doorways to shamanism'. it's a short in-expensive evening class at this school: http://www.westcoastmysticarts.com/
i've seen some other teachers available in the area, but i have no experience with them: http://drumcircles.ca/, http://www.rainbowsunhealing.com/index.html,

accross north america you can find classes with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies. This is core shamanism, it does not follow any specific traditions. it gathers the practises that are common with all shamanic traditions and teaches those.
i recommend their basic shamanic workshop for a really good introduction to journeying and meeting your power animals. http://www.shamanism.org/workshops/basic.html

Bodies of knowledge from spirit have been build up and passed through generation after generation. thousands of years of knowledge branching from all over the world form great traditions of knowledge.
i feel a strong connection to the twisted hairs tradition:
there is a local sweat lodge and teachings that follow that tradition in vancouver and on gabriola island.

[User Picture]From: _cole_
2006-06-25 07:46 pm (UTC)
Great write up! Shamanism is starting to make a come-back these days, there is a spirit hut on thetis run by Roy Holloway (think I spelled that correctly) I've never made it over there but I've heard good things about it.

I know Victoria has a local druid community but I had not seen any Shamanistic activity. Good to know they are out there :)
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